Monthly Archives: November 2012

Getting the most out of your technology.

The title above reflects the gist of what PC Geeks is all about.

We LOVE small business and small businesses need every edge they can find to, not only survive but, to grow and thrive. Technology can be a huge differentiator. We strive to help our clients use their technology to it’s fullest. And, today, it’s more than just PC’s and software.

There’s online backups, email marketing, and cloud computing. Cellular phones and tablets. Electronic documents and social media.

In future entries here, we will share some of that info with anyone who happens upon it. There will be tips and tricks for Microsoft Office and Windows. How to be more effective with your email marketing and social media. Cool new gadgets.

Some of this info will be basic for many. Some may be more geeky than most can handle. But, that’s our clients – some are newbies, some could be working for us! That’s what we love about them!

Check back soon.