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Backing up your data is only the first step.

When we ask a potential client ‘Who is responsible for managing your backups?’, far too often a blank stare is all we get in return. Business owners know they need to backup their data and may have invested time and money in a backup product but, many times that’s where it stops.

IT research company, Baroudi Bloor International, found that over 90% of small businesses that had a catastrophic data loss (hard drive failure that resulted in unrecoverable data) are forced to close their doors within two years due to the expense and effort required to try to recreate the data or loss of business due to lost information. Having a backup of your data is a minimum.

The next level of protection is ‘Disaster Recovery’ (DR). Not only do you need to backup your critical files by those files need to get off-site, away from your PC or server. If, heaven forbid, you have a fire in your office and the backup drive is sitting right next to the server, then your backup was in vain.

A simple solution for providing a DR plan for your data is running your backups to an external hard drive that is taken off-site nightly or weekly. It’s recommended that two or three external drives are used in a rotation so that your most recent backups are never in the same location as your data.

Better yet, is an ‘Online Backup Solution’. Software (such as IBackup) is installed on the machine to be backed up. The software copies the data, over the Internet, to a storage device hosted by a backup service. It runs on a given schedule and the data is automatically off-site and safe from any disaster. For the busy business owner, this solution offers the ultimate in DR.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a backup solution but, we’ll hit those later.

Just get your data backed up!!!