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Client Spotlight – Small Business Payroll Services

Small Business Payroll Services

Small Business Payroll Services

Having a company that takes care of all the frustrating things that go along with processing your company’s payroll – filing the paperwork, depositing the taxes, keeping up with the regulations – can be invaluable. And, having owners that put an exceptionally high value on quality, makes it even better.

Maria and Phil Reese started Small Business Payroll Services, LLC (SBPS, LLC) in 2002 and have been providing valuable payroll advice to small and medium size businesses since day one.  They assist the companies that drive this economy with every aspect of payroll processing, tackling the more challenging tasks such as administering BWC, solving complex IRS issues and facilitating audits in their office.  SBPS will be more than a payroll company to your business, you will be more than a number to them, they will develop a meaningful business partnership, removing payroll issues from your worries.

SBPS partners with businesses to provide payroll and payroll tax guidance, compliance and management solutions. SBPS prides itself on exemplary customer service and is dedicated to providing every partner with Professional, Personal and Reliable quality service.

We greatly appreciate all the work that SBPS does for us and are thrilled that they rely on PC Geeks to maintain and support the technology in their office.

Small Business Payroll Services, LLC (SBPS, LLC)
48 West Columbus Street
Pickerington, Ohio 43147