Monthly Archives: June 2013

Internet Explorer 10 broke my favorite website!!

Nobody likes IE10.

Bank websites don’t work on it. News websites don’t work on it. Porn sites don’t work on it.

GOOD! We’re getting what we’ve been asking for from Microsoft forever. IE10 is the most secure browser ever released by Microsoft and is far more effective than it’s nearest competitor, Google Chrome. Firefox, Opera and Safari fall waaayyy back from there.ie10

NSS Labs, one of the world’s leading information security research and advisory companies, recently released a study showing that IE10 blocked 99.96% of malicious software from downloading. That means that only 4 of every 1000 malicious downloads got past IE10 vs 170 of every 1000 for Chrome. Safari and Firefox blocked around 10% and Opera a frightening 1.9%!

If your favorite/most needed website doesn’t work, why blame Microsoft? The IE10 development platform was released in April 2011. Companies have had over two years to work out any bugs. If they are committed to keeping your data secure, why haven’t they made their website compatable with the most secure browser on the market?

So, while sometimes the only choice you have to use your favorite website is to download Google Chrome, remember that you are instantly more vunerable to malicious downloads. It’s not our choice.