Office 2013 vs. Office 365

You may know by now that Microsoft is ending its support of Office 2003 as of April of this year.  This news may have many of you looking at the replacement software and getting confused in the process.  Microsoft has changed the marketing of Office so we have more flexibility in our purchase.

Office 2013 is still available in the traditional boxed form.  There are several versions from a Home & Student version with a MSRP of $139 to a full business version called Office Professional 2013 with a MSRP of $399.  As you go up in price you increase the number of products and features available.  All of these versions are licensed to one machine only, and the license follows the machine.

The new delivery method Microsoft introduced is called Office 365.  This is a subscription.  There are several versions of this available from a home premium version priced at $99 per year to several business versions ranging from $12.50 to $20 per user per month.  As an incentive Microsoft has included definite advantages to Office 365.

It is licensed to the user and can be loaded on up to five devices.  Say you have a salesman in your company who has a pc at work, one at home, a laptop, and he just got a new tablet at Christmas.  Instead of shelling out the cost of 4 copies of Office 2013, the subscription allows him to install Office 365 on each of his devices with the same license.

Office 365 also is available to the licensee in the form of fully functional Web Apps.  If you are a subscriber, the Office suite of products is available to you wherever you find a system with an internet connection.

There are many other advantages to the Office 365 product and Microsoft goes into great detail on their website.  I hope this brief explanation clears up some of your confusion and allows you to make a more informed buying decision.

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