Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Concept of Managed Services

The term ‘managed services’ has become a buzz word in the technology field.  What it means is that we in the IT business have found a way for you to have the advantages of a large enterprise with its own in-house IT department.  Managed service providers (MSPs) have the software to monitor all of your systems remotely and continuously at a reasonable price.

What this really saves you is time. You no longer need to concern yourself about updates and patches.  The MSP handles those.  Routine maintenance items are handled, like defragging the hard drive, or cleaning out the old .tmp files.  These are things that can slow your systems’ performance.  These items, plus a hundred other things are monitored and managed without you even knowing it.  Your systems and network are kept operating as efficiently as possible.  Potential problems are caught and either corrected, or brought to your attention for action before they become actual problems.

It is essentially having your own IT department without all the expense of hiring and training and salaries and benefits.  This takes one more thing off your plate, and allows that time to be focused where it should be. On your business.