Discover the Power of Skype for Business

Communication is the cornerstone of any good relationship, and the foundation of any business.  How do you effectively communicate with your staff and your customers?  How do you know if the person you are trying to reach is available, busy, or in a meeting?  It may be time for you to discover the power of Microsoft Skype for Business.

Skype for Business (S4B) is the 21st century successor to the old Windows Messenger.  Instead of just offering a text based communications option you can use text, audio, video and true collaboration.  All of the logistical hassles involved in scheduling and planning meetings for your organization can be eliminated.  You can hold your meetings in S4B.  No one has to travel.  There are no meeting rooms to schedule.  You don’t have to get up early to buy the bagels and donuts.

Schedule your meeting in Outlook, invite the attendees, log in at the scheduled time, and you are in a meeting.  Everyone can contribute.  You can use your systems webcam and audio.  You can see and hear everyone else.  As the organizer of the meeting, you are the ‘presenter’.  You can share your system’s desktop, or a specific application with the group.  You can hand off control to another member.  Let’s say you are working on a press release.  You want input from all your managers.  You can all contribute to the same document and then save it to all in the end.

Sometimes, texting is a more efficient way to communicate than calls.  You can reach a whole group at once with a single text.  “For the next hour, SKU 12 is half price, we are way overstocked.”  “Accounting needs this month’s expense reports by Tuesday at noon or you won’t be reimbursed this month.”  “John Johnson just set a single week sales record … when you see him give him a pat on the back.”  Your message gets out without you having to make twelve different phone calls.

Collaborating on a problem can involve calls to several people back and forth.  With S4B, all of you can be online and discussing possible solutions at the same time.  True collaboration and a much more efficient use of everyone’s time.  You don’t waste time with lengthy explanations, things are only explained once.  Everyone can contribute and build on each other’s ideas.

You can also make communicating with your client base easier.  We run an IT business.  Several of our clients prefer using S4B.  If they have a problem, we get a text.  The message pops up on our desktops and we can respond immediately.  It works well in the other direction as well.  I can notify everyone in the company that we have to reboot the server at 3:00 pm.  I can send out a reminder 15 minutes before the event.  We can also make sure everyone replies before we reboot. No one loses work.

S4B doesn’t care if you are at your desktop, out on your laptop or tablet, or even on your smartphone.  It can communicate through any of these, as long as you have internet access, you have communication.

Skype for Business is a very powerful tool.  The more you use it, the easier your business communication will be, with both your employees and with your clients.  Just ask us to get you started.

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